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Your chances are slim: Europe's fragmentation makes startups scale slower and stay smaller in general.

Founders, investors, experts and organisations join to build the startup infrastructure we need in Europe to make your startup globally competitive.

The ultimate goal: your startup becomes the next tech titan, from Europe.

Join us during events in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Barcelona, Rome, Madrid and many more will follow..    

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Amsterdam 4th of April @Startup village

On the 4th of april we organized the first event with over 100 startup founders and AI professionals. During the 4 hour event we hosted  speakers on the European AI act, AI founders, VC's and cloud providers. During group discussion and exercises we highlighted the challenges and opportunities of building AI solutions in the EU. Ending it with networking drinks.  

Prompting Europe

Prompting Europe is connecting European (AI) startup communities to each other. We have the sole purpose to accelerate European startups by connecting, learning and assist with scaling.   


A community of  Founders, Experts, and Investors, with focus on AI.


A network of experts accelerating startup growth through Europe


Accelation programs will be made available to fund and scale the best startups to EU's new big tech

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Our events are by invitation only and free, we expect you of course to show up. And we know you will, because we believe you are about to seriously scale, out of Europe!

Our point of view:
" It is time to turn disadvantages into advantages here in Europe"
" All startups are AI startups "
" You either will disrupt, or get disrupted.